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Tracking Your ROI on Advertising

"I know that half of my advertising budget
is working - if only I could tell which half!"


Spending money to promote your web site is now becoming essential if you want to stay ahead of your competitors. Search engines are charging for listing your site. Some will charge you per click. Some will make you pay to list your site regardless of whether they rank your site at number 1 or at number 101.

  • How do you know whether this is money well spent?
  • How will you track successful ads?
  • How will you eliminate unproductive advertising?
You may find sites offering you advertising space, maybe charging you per so-many-thousand impressions of your banner. Are they just churning out displays of your banner to a disinterested, totally unsuitable set of viewers, or are they actually finding you customers? They may be able to deliver impressions but is this turning into new clients for you?

You may be getting your business from somewhere, but are you having to employ scattergun tactics to bring in a few buyers? Are you having to throw money at your advertising to bring in a decent level of business. Maybe only one or two of the sites that you advertise upon are sending you buyers, but which ones? You need to know who is making money for you. You need to stop making money for them.

Are you wondering how you can identify the good sources of business for you? Which sites are not only sending you traffic but are sending you buyers? Once you know who the productive sites are, you can forget the rest. Our Tracking System will now tell you precisely where your orders came from. We do not just tell you where your traffic originated as you might find in standard web site statistics packages. You will now be able to see on your order/enquiry forms precisely who sent you this customer. This is extremely valuable information and will allow you to power ahead of your competitors. Your rivals will be stuck in the past, wondering if they are making good advertising decisions or not. But you will have all the information you need.

When you know that a particular advertising strategy is working, you will naturally be sure to use it again and again. And if you find that a site is taking your money but not sending you significant numbers of actual buyers then you can drop them quickly. Sites that sell advertising will not like the fact that you are now armed with our Tracking Service. They will now have to go the extra mile to genuinely send you custom, or they will know that you will stop paying them thousands of pounds for little return on your investment with them. If they are net savvy, they will know from the unique URL that you will give them that they are being very closely monitored. If they know that you are net savvy too, then they will have to give you a good service otherwise they will know that you will not be renewing your ads.

Knowledge is power and power is money ...

We can empower your site so that you can identify the places where your money is turning into sales for you. We can do this for you subject to a few requirements that we can quickly establish from your site. For example, does your site work in any of these ways:-
  • Does your site attract visitors directly from the Internet e.g. from search engines or directories, particularly ones which charge you?
  • Are you paying for links on other web sites?
  • Are you pursuing promotion via Pay Per Click?
  • Do you promote your site by banner advertising?
  • Are you sponsoring another site in the hope of them sending you buyers?
  • Do you sponsor or advertise on a mailing list?
  • Are you considering whether to try out a mass emailing campaign?

  • AND
  • Does your site work by directing visitors to an Order/Enquiry Form?

We cannot stress this too strongly: If you don't know whether your money is well spent, you will always end up wasting it. We can fix this for you. Money not wasted is money earned. Money earned is yours to spend as you wish. You can now divert it to the productive sites that our Tracking System will reveal to you.

It is no exagerration to say that our Tracking System could save you thousands. If you find that our system does not work, we offer a FULL 30 DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!

We would firstly need from you your site's URL and a brief description of what your site does. We will then run a quick assessment to let you know whether your site is a suitable candidate for our Tracking System. You may request an assessment entirely without obligation.

If your site is suitable, we will need to insert some code into your site. You have our promise that this code will not compromise the security of your site, nor will it affect the appearance of it, in any way. The code will be extremely compact and will have no significant effect on the time it takes to be downloaded by your visitors. However, this code could save you a great deal of money indeed. It could stop you going broke. It could make you rich. It will be your key to let you fine tune your online promotion so that you finally know what is good advertising and what is not. No part of your site will be hosted on our server, nor anywhere else for that matter. Everything will happen within your domain. You retain full control including the right to remove our code should you wish (although we would have difficulty imagining why you might wish to disable the most important type of tracking that you can find).

Should you choose to request the use of our Tracking System, our fee per site is £499 (+ vat in the EU). For this, we will analyse your site and insert the Tracking System code into your site where it is required. Or we can instruct your webmasters how to do this for you. If you choose the latter, we need not have direct access to your site's ftp area. If you are happy to entrust the work to ourselves though, we will insert the code for you at no extra cost. We prefer to do the coding ourselves because we can do it and test out the site very quickly. We sometimes encounter delays when we have to instruct third party webmasters, and we know that wasted time could be costing you money.

Once our code is in place, you will know where your advertising responses are coming from. No complicated training of your staff will be necessary for you to find the information. No database or special software is required. We will put it on a plate for you. No additional costs will be necessary. Our fee is a one-off. And, at the risk of repeating ourselves, if our Tracking System does not work to both save and make you money after trying it out for 30 days, WE WILL REFUND YOUR MONEY with no quibble whatsoever. At this stage, we have no idea how large is your advertising budget but we would venture to say that even with a modest budget, our Tracking System will pay for itself many times over.

There are no monthly fees to pay. Once your site has been set up, no further action will be necessary and you will have no further costs to pay us. Unless, of course, you're so delighted with your new system that you want us to extend it to other sites or sections of your site.

So, don't delay. Time costs money and few of us have money to burn. Just complete the form below, without obligation. We will make a quick appraisal of your site and will contact you again within a couple of days.

Appraisal of your site: Free
Composing and inserting the Tracking System code for you: £499 per site.
(prices subject to vat in UK &EU)

Submit Your Site Details For Appraisal Here:

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