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Affiliate Marketing -
- as an Affiliate or as a Merchant

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is a general term for a system where one person sells another person's goods or services in return for a commission. You can participate as an affiliate (and try to generate sales for another company from your own site) or as a merchant (and use affiliates to sell your goods on their web sites).


This is an eBook that will give you information on how to 'make a killing selling other people's stuff online'. Learn about the basics of affiliate marketing and much more.

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An Easy To Follow Guide To Successful Affiliate Marketing By Doing What The Super Affiliates Do!

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 Copy Super Affiliates To Success

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What You Can Expect to Learn
These books are fantastic resources of information and even provides tips so far as search engine issues are concerned. The sad truth is that some big search engines such as Google seem to dislike affiliates and few make it to high rankings these days. You will learn how to adapt your web site to reduce the chances of any disadvantages like this coming the way of your site.

Affiliate marketers can earn some huge sums of money. Most don't. Why is that? Check out this book to find out for yourself. You can buy the book and, because it is in eBook format, you can download it in minutes today. You can buy via Paypal whether you have a Paypal account or not. If not, just use your credit card and the book will soon be yours.

Contents -

  • About Online Marketing
  • Fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing
  • Affiliation as a Mass Production Tool
  • Creating Affiliate Partnerships
  • Email Advertising
  • Pop-under Ads
  • Promotional Web Sites
  • Protecting Your Commission
  • Finding Good Affiliate Programs
  • Make Money With Pay Per Click
  • Generating Traffic
  • Auto-resonders That Get Results
  • Secrets of Creating Traffic
  • How to Get Major Affiliate Directories
  • Affiliate Tracking
  • Trading Links
  • Site Rebuilding for Better Results
  • Affiliate Mistakes
  • Newsletter Marketing
  • ... and more
  • - ONLY £7.95
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    "Become a Master Affiliate Marketer"


    Google Adsense by any other name is an affiliate program. Google does all the hard work of matching the theme of your web site to the ads that it delivers onto your pages. Just add a small bit of code that Google provides and watch your site traffic turn into income.

    This eBook that will give you information on how to 'build a Google Adsense empire'. Learn how web site owners make money from displaying Google ads on their web sites. This can be a very lucrative business indeed. Find out how you can monetise your web site the Google Adsense way.

    - ONLY £7.95
    Click the Paypal button to order

    113 page eBook
    for only £7.95!
    Paypal account not essential - pay by credit card

    Affiliate Marketing as a Merchant

    The problem with running a successful web site is that you are at the mercy of the search engines. We can tell you stories of sites that we have owned that have been running very nicely indeed, making lots of money, only for them to fall off the search engines and cause our income to drop massively. Having all your eggs in one basket is a risky strategy. Why not explore ways of spreading your services across other web sites, sites that are owned by other people who will sell your services for you?

    Being a merchant and running an affiliate program means that your affiliates will use code on their sites to sell your services in return for a commission. You can set the rules and the rates of payment. Then, all the expenses associated with promoting a site that sells your services fall on the affiliate rather than on you. If the affiliate is successful then they rightly deserve their commission. If they are not successful then you don't have to pay them. Just set a reasonable threshold (e.g. you will pay their commission once their running total reaches £x) and only the serious merchants will need to be paid.

    Using a Service to Run Your Affiliate Program
    Affiliates can be suspicious of a merchant's honesty and willingness to pay out for sales that they generate. They are also a knowledgeable bunch of people so don't be tempted to take advantage of them. They have forums where your name can bre blackened if you try an unfair trick.

    It is good practice to entrust the running of the program to an independent company. This way, the sales that affilaites make can be checked by you, and by the affiliates, at any time. Running totals of commissions earned can be retained. Your program can be promoted to their existing affiliates who are already running other program with them. Genuinely interested affiliates will check their stats on the affiliate program admin site, adjust their web sites, and see how best they can generate sales for you. Transparency and fair play are the best way to run an affiliate program.

    AffiliateShop is an afiliate program running site that we have used ourselves. We found their costs to be reasonable and their admin simple to follow. They are suitable for small businesses as well as large ones. To check their services and latest prices, click on this graphic -

    Setup your own affiliate program and increase web traffic