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Basic HTML Web Site Design
Easily Learn How to Make a Web Site

How to Produce a Web Site in Basic HTML

Designing a web site is not difficult. With this beginner's guide to HTML programming, you can quickly get your own site up and running. So long as you steer clear of the fancy stuff (which we also avoid ourselves) you too can have a neat and tidy web site that works.

Now you can save on expensive web site design costs. The cost of getting your business launched online has just been slashed. We estimate that a couple of weeks spent working through this guide will take you to a reasonable level of competence. By following the basic guide to web site design, and by following the other guide information on our web site, you too can have an online business in no time at all.

This is an eBook of 35 pages that will give you basic information on how to make your own web site. Learn about the basics of HTML programming. It is suitable for the complete beginner and takes you step-by-step through the process of designing a web site. You will learn how to produce a page, set colours, add images (some graphics software is needed - usually found for free pre-installed on your computer), using links, using images as links, formatting your pages, different sizes of text, using tables, the use of forms (you will need to learn how to adapt a form script for use on your site*) and how to upload your site to the web.

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Once you have your web site designed, we advise that you add a *form onto it so that people can ask questions or order goods from you. A simple form handling script can be found here - Matt's Script Archive. It can be a little fiddly to get working correctly but there are good instructions with the script. Their formmail script can be downloaded for free. Once you have a form on your site, the opportunities will have expanded considerably.

If you would like to sell goods or services online, we would ask you to take a look at our Selling Online section. There you can learn about shopping carts and setting up a system of taking money online.