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Content Writing & Article Submissions

How to Write Content & Get Others to Put Your Articles on Their Sites

Content is king! If you want to get a genuine high rank on the search engines, your site simply has to contain plenty of useful, original and relevant information. The search engines ask for this. Why not give them what they want?

You should aim to expand your web site as a continuous strategy. Someone once wrote that adding a fresh page every day will see your site at the top of Google in a year. Adding content is still good advice. But, how do you set about it and what should you write?

The simple answer is that you should just keep adding pages and pages of material that is appropriate and relevant. Ask yourself: "What would my site visitors want to see on a site like mine?". Once you have considered that question, you should note down a number of subject headings and research the material that you can customise or combine to fit into your web site.

Rule 1 - the content that you write must be original. If you copy someone else's web site, the search engines will be able to tell in millisconds what you have done and they will penalise your site for duplicate content. Do try to make your content as distinct as possible. This is where the work comes in, but once you have done it, that material stays on your site for as long as you like.

Getting Your Articles Onto Other Web Sites
Not only should you write content for your own web site, but you can also offer material for others to use on theirs. But, do be sure not to give them the exact same copy that you are using on your site because this will be seen as duplicate content once the other site owner(s) add it elsewhere. You should offer a library of distinctt articles that others can choose to use on their web sites.

When you give other people your articles to use, you could charge them a fee if they will pay. But, the usual way is to give the articles away for free whilst making it a condition that the article contains your accreditation as the author and that it provides a web link back to your site. In this way, other site owners (in relevant sectors) will be giving your site a link and you won't have to link back to them as part of the bargain. One-way incoming links are the best ones to have, particularly from relevant good quality sites. Just be sure to include a signature section in your article that links to your web site. Make sure that the anchor text (the text that is 'click-able' for the link) is an important keyphrase for your web site rather than just being your URL.

When someone uses your article on their web site, it is far more likely to be read than, say, a simple link to your site from someone else's links page. People who use articles on their sites do so to enhance their overall packages. They try to get people to hang around their web sites. Articles are "sticky content" and are rated as valuable material.

But, you may be wondering, how do you fnd sites to publish your articles? Short of putting a note on your site saying that you have articles that people can use, you need to find locations where your articles can be advertised as being available. Article Submitter is a software application that will allow you to publicise your articles to dozens of places where people go looking for fresh content.

Article Submitter is usually sold for $137. We offer it to you for only £19.95. You can order it now, pay via Paypal, and download in minutes. No Paypal account is necessary - just use your credit card to buy.

The software comes packed with 163 locations where you can submit your articles. It gives you the option to add and remove other locations as and when you become aware of them. Then you let the software do the donkey work for you and submit your articles far and wide. The more content you have on other sites, the more advantages there are for you and your web site -

  • You are widely seen as an expert on your subject
  • Your articles can be worded to make sales for you
  • The links in your articles will bring people to your site
  • Your Google Pagerank will improve
  • Your Alexa Rating will rise
Many of the locations already contained in Article Submitter are auto-fill. The software can take care of these for you such that your articles get submitted for you to all these locations without the tedium of manual filling-in yourself.

The instructions for using Article Submitter could not be easier. With the option for you to keep editing the list of locations, it will be a very long time before this software ever goes out of date. People will always need content on their web sites. You can use your knowledge of your subject to gain an advantage for you and your web site.

So, to get organised and to find the right connections, get yourself a copy of Article Submitter today.

- ONLY £19.95
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