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Search Engine Optimisation, Promotion
& Internet Marketing - How to Do It Yourself

Would you like to know how to optimise, market and promote your own site?

Use this section to learn how to DO IT YOURSELF.

Here we will direct you to several self-learn sources of web marketing and site promotion.


If you can make it to the top of Google then half your job is done already. But, Google is a tough nut to crack nowadays and most webmasters keep their tactics closely guarded secrets. Learn how you can design your web site and stay in Google's good books.

This is a package of 16 videos that will give you basic information on how to make your web site popular with Google. Learn about the basics of optimisation, why it is important, what to do with any javascript used by your site, how to pick the names of your site's pages, effective meta-tagging, keyword density, common pitfalls to avoid, and much more.

- ONLY £7.95

16 Video Tutorials
for £7.95!
(Paypal account not essential - pay by credit card)

Establishing reciprocal links to-from your web site is now an essential part of both improving your search engine rankings, and of bringing in visitors from links on other sites. Search engines such as Google will be impressed if you have plenty of "quality" links on other web sites.

However, establishing these links can be very time consuming indeed. Click the links below for free information on IBP, the powerful DIY marketing tool.

SEO software for Windows

If your site is not well placed, we can help you to improve its ranking and penetration into these engines, and many others. Click for our Manual Submissions section.