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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing generally means that you acquire a list of potential purchasers of your goods or services, and you mass-email them in the hope that some will take up your offer and buy. But, it is a risky strategy given that spam is actually illegal, and people generally hate to get spam in their in-box. Furthermore, if you buy the list, you never really know how up to date it is, nor how it has been put together.

We don't advise that you engage in this type of marketing unless you really know the people on the list. The best way to acquire a list that will not cause you problems is to compile the list yourself. This can be done by, say, getting people to sign up to your newsletter, or to register on your site for future offers.

A members' newsletter is a good way of marketing to your subscribers by email in that your newsletter is both interesting and contains ads for your business. People do not really regard a newsletter as spam-marketing. Just be sure to keep some record that they actually did sign up for the newsletter, and always give your readers an un-subscribe option.

You will have to consider whether to make it obligatory for people to register before they can access your site. We feel that such an obligation puts too many barriers in the way of the casual browser. If you fell, however, that compiling a list is more important than losing some casual browsers then you may feel that a registration system is more valuable to you. Once you have your list, you could market to people via your newsletters rather than rely on your web site to keep finding them for you.