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Internet Marketing

What is "marketing"? It is the art of locating purchasers of your goods and services in a cost-effective manner. This principle applies whether your business is offline or online. You need to be able to find buyers for a lower sum than you receive by way of sales.

When it comes to the internet, there are various strategies that you can follow. They all come down to finding the right visitors to your site at the right cost to your business. The more targetted traffic you can generate, the more business you will do.

This is a 118 page eBook that will give beginners basic information on how to begin to make money online. Learn the basics of the internet, domains, web sites, email, hosting, autoresponders, ftp, etc. You will learn how to start an online business with step-by-step instructions of what to do. There's help in deciding what you could sell. You will see advice about setting up a system to take payments online. Selling other people's goods or services for a commission. Running a newsletter. Marketing advice. Business models to follow - 19 different models to study and use. It's all in there with a large amount of useful, sensible tips and suggestions to give you the best start to your online business.

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118 page eBook
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How to Get Traffic to Your Web Site
You can get traffic to your web site by paying for it, or by ranking high on the free locations on the search engines. Attaining high and free rankings is a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) skill. See here for our Web Site Optimisation section.

SEO can be a long process. For a short cut to the top of the rankings, you will have to pay. We would recommend that you consider Pay Per Click (PPC) as your first option. See our Pay Per Click section for more advice.

We are not fans of banner advertising these days. We think that many people who surf web sites are blind to the banners that they see and rarely click on them. The sites carrying your advertising banners tend to charge per thousand impressions i.e. according to the number of times your banner is seen. If no one ever clicks on your banner, it makes no difference how often it is seen. The only advantage there is 'branding' but it can be an expensive way of going about it.

If you can get your site well optimised and highly ranked on the big search engine sites then this will stand you in good stead. However, there are also ways of leveraging extra traffic out of search engines and we would invite you to consider the following set of videos that pertain to Google.

This is a set of 8 videos that will give you information on how to acquire free traffic from various services and systems that are run by Google. There are over 70 minutes of tutorial information whereby you can learn the basics of Google and how you can turn this highest valued search engine to your advantage.

Learn the secrets of Google's services: News, Images, Sitemaps, Base, Video, Froogle, Groups & Book Search.

- ONLY £5.95
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8 Videos
for £5.95!

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